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~ GPA On Demand
This is a Shopify site I set up for Grandslam Performance Associates. It was my first time working with Shopify and I was pleasantly suprized. The template is fully customized and I created all the illustrations and icons for the products.

This is an interesting use for Shopify because all the products are either trainings or digital services. So there is no inventory or photos of real objects. I felt like it was important to use the illustrations and icons for two reasons:

1. I desgined the site to be simple visually and architecturally, which means it could have been boring. So the illustrations and icons add some visual interest.

2. Besides not having relevant products/objects to photograph, the illustrations are appropriate because they engage the mind and imagination more than just a photo. That works when your product is leadership training, and I think it does the job much better than some kind of stock photography.