Who We Are
GPA is a team of high-performance professionals with a combined experience of more than 100 years leading teams and work streams in a diversity of industries including retail, technology, ecommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, startups, non-profit, consumer packaged goods (CPG), higher education, and insurance.
What We Do
We guide enterprises and individuals to maximize their potential and improve their performance through our Grandslam Performance Methodology©.
What is Grandslam Performance?
The practice of “loading the bases” (inclusion and integration) to enable individuals and enterprises to hit “Grandslams” (collective impact).
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Meet the Team
Dr. Adam Arroyos
Founder & CEO
Dr. Arroyos is a highly accomplished thought leader in helping companies, communities, and individuals grow their performance capacity through collaboration, integration and innovation. He is the author of PerformanceGPA and oversees the creation and engagement of GPA's proprietary thought leadership methodology, training programs, and technology platform.
Guillermo Rosales
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer
Guillermo is an accomplished executive with a solid track record leading growth for global organizations and helping his clients maximize their value through IT services. He is a strategic, forward thinker and global leader and leads GPA's strategic initiatives and sales practice.
Pete Leer
Director Of Finance And Administration
Pete oversees the financial and human resources functions for GPA. He has an extensive background in accounting, finance, and possesses over 35 years of healthcare administration experience. He loves any type of challenge and is dedicated to the continued growth and success of GPA.
Agustin Hernandez
Senior Director
Agustin has extensive international experience overseeing large-scale audits and process improvement initiatives. He has held executive leadership positions with some of the largest global retail, financial, and big-four accounting firms. He leads GPA's thought leadership practice and the engagement of our proprietary performance audit methodology, the customization of service-models for our partners, and our consulting services.
Bryce Holland
Front-end Developer
Bryce is a designer, developer, and defender of excellent user experience. Bridging the gap between concept and code, he specializes in interaction design, front-end development, and human cyborg relations.
Andrew Denton
Project Manager
As the Product Manager, Andrew’s focus is on brand management, and creating and maintaining a unified design strategy across all of Grandslam Performance Associates’ platforms.
Samantha Arroyos
Project Ninja
Samantha is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, majoring in business management with a focus on leadership development. She has a love for her community and a desire to succeed.
Christopher Hobbs
Back-end Developer
Christopher is a Mercenary Developer, Network Cowboy, and Free Software Advocate steeped in the Northwest Arkansas tech culture. With a focus on supporting local entities, he's worked the spectrum over the last 15 years from local government and non-profits to startups and established businesses.
Harry Hofer
Harry delivers a dynamic and humorous story-based message in all his presentations. He will share lessons gained by a proven record of results derived from a focus on employee engagement, execution, and team leadership.