Our Vision
Mobilize Grandslam Performance worldwide
Our Mission
Enable Grandslam Performance through training, technology, and thought leadership.
Grandslam Performance
Too often, we are taught to grow our performance by acquiring new technical expertise and gaining experience within our respective roles. As long as we follow the “process” and do our job, good things will happen for us. The unintended consequence of this approach is a growing dependency of others to manage our growth and our performance. Given the skills gap, brain drain, and low employee engagement effecting the competitiveness and growth of companies worldwide, it’s clear that our traditional methods for developing talent have not proven to be effective in today’s environment.

Today’s environment requires a different approach where individuals connect to experiential learning opportunities that will engage them intrinsically and grow their capacity and performance in an accelerated pace. We have found through experience that a service-based approach will enable individuals to do both, invest in others and in their own performance. When this happens, both the individual and the team perform at a higher level and achieve greater results. GPA exists to directly enable Grandslam Performance through our 7 enablers.

These enablers are proven to help individuals and companies grow their PerformanceGPA® (Grandslam Performance Aptitude). To mobilize these enablers, we leverage thought leadership and technology for the creation and delivery of proprietary innovations that help our clients practice Grandslam Performance in an efficient and effective manner.
Our 7 Enablers:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Purpose-Driven
  • Invested
  • Agility
  • Visionfluence™
  • SEALeadership™
  • Pace Setter